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NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 87 of the Local Government Act 1972 that FOUR vacancies exist in the office of Councillor for the above mentioned Community Council.

Residents Free Parking concession

Residents of Pendine can register for up to 2 hours free parking in Pendine Community Council carpark.  Click to find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

West Wales Walking For Wellbeing

West Wales Walking for Wellbeing organises walks to help you lead a healthier life, stay active and meet up socially.  There are a variety of locations near you, led by our team of friendly, trained volunteers.

Wildlife Garden

Volunteers from the Pendine community recently came together to establish a new Wildlife Garden provided by Keep Wales Tidy. Thanks to everyone that helped with labour and tools. ...

Construction begins on Pendine's first Motorhome Park

In November 2018, Pendine Community Council were successful in obtaining a grant from the Welsh Government via the big lottery. This grant has enabled us to .......

Scale Of Charges

Application Fee

All applications to hold a special event shall attract a non-refundable application fee as shown

Beach Parking

Beach parking is strictly managed by the Beach Warden. They will open the beach car park for vehicles to park on for a fee depending on the weather, tides and likely visitor numbers.

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