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Residents Free Parking concession

Residents of Pendine can apply for up to 2 hours free parking in Pendine Community Council carpark.

A registered resident of Pendine will be allowed to park:-

  • In Pendine Community Council car park for a maximum of 2 hours free of charge per day, after 2 hours normal charges apply
  • On the beach (during open hours as determined by the beach warden).

A resident is defined as a person who has a permanent residence within the area of Pendine Community Council and is also on the Register of Electors 2021 for the community of Pendine.  This therefore excludes short term holiday lets and caravans.

The Clerk will check the residents eligibility for a permit by referring to the Register of Electors 2021 for the community of Pendine.

To register please e-mail your name, address (including postcode) and vehicle registration to

Or complete the form below:-

Application form

Please provide your full address (including postcode) and your vehicle registration number:-

The 'First name' field is required
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Please enter a valid Email address


  • Pendine Community Council represents the people who reside within the Ward of Pendine. In addition to its precept provided by the residents of Pendine, the car park, beach parking and hire/events are the primary sources of income for Pendine Community Council, and therefore the Council is obligated to make the best use of its assets.

  • There has been a concession for parking in place for the residents of Pendine since 2017. This decision was reviewed in September, 2019 and more recently in December, 2020.

  • With a permit, residents of Pendine are entitled to park within Pendine Community Council carpark for up to a maximum of two hours free, thus equating to either £1 or £1.60 per visit.

  • At its meeting in December 2020, following a further review of the decision, the Council decided to increase the time that the residents can park for free from one hour to two hours.
  • In addition to the precept, the Council manages its assets of the beach and carpark to generate income enabling the Council to be able to invest in the village of Pendine and provide donations to the wider community.
  • The Councils carpark currently has a capacity to hold a maximum of only 22 vehicles.
  • Since 2019, Pendine Community Council has approved £3,600 of donations to various groups located in neighbouring villages.
  • To be in a financial position to supplement the County Councils grass cutting programme and provide additional grass maintenance on the stretch of grass between Llanmiloe and Pendine.
  • Through its assets and the subsequent management, the Council is able to provide a number of employment opportunities to both Pendine and the wider community.
  • In order to ensure that the assets are safe for all to use and enjoy, the management of its assets comes at a cost eg:- resources, public liability insurance, vehicles, maintenance costs - including chains, barriers, padlocks, painting and signage.
  • Like most other carparks nationally, the Council has adopted the 1-hour free concession for disabled parking with a blue badge, regardless of where they live.
  • The Council is relaxed in relation to individuals who are collecting food from the nearby businesses/restaurants and/or dropping off at the beach and as long as this understanding is not abused, can park for free to undertake these duties.
  • To date, more residents of Pendine have applied for the concession than the capacity of the car park can accommodate. Therefore, extending the 2-hour free concession to residents of other neighbouring villages would reduce the potential income that can be achieved, which would not be sustainable for the Council.

The Council recognises that it is privileged to have such assets and wishes to maximise its income enabling it to continue to manage future budgets and being supplemented by a low precept level, whilst being successful in carrying out its core duties as a Council and investing back into Pendine and the wider community.

The Council, in its regard to the well-being of its residents agreed that the provision of a small concession to be able to park for up to 2 hours free would be an acceptable recompense for living within a busy holiday location.  The Council’s decision is in line with section 2, Part I of the Local Government Act 2000 [promoting well-being], whereby ‘the Council has the power to do anything which is considered likely to achieve the promotion or improvement of the economic and social well-being the persons resident in its area.’

The Council, in managing its income generated from its assets, has not only enabled it to undertake its core duties but improve the economic and social well-being its precept area, by conducting its business this way it plans on keeping a low precept level.  It would be remiss of the Council to allow the budget to enter into a deficit and therefore to avoid initiating a significant increase of the precept, the Councils concern is the wellbeing of its residents.

The Councils carpark charges are very competitive in comparison with other carparks and the Council hopes that by accepting the charging structure visitors and residents of the neighbouring villages will support Pendine and the wider community.

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