Your Councillors



Councillors 11th December 2016

At present there are only two elected Councillors – Cllrs. Bowering and Thorton This page will be updated in the next few months as the situation normalises.

Chair Cllr. Peter Bowering, 73 Llanmiloe Estate, Pendine

SA33 4UG

Cllr. Derek Allen, The Ha’gard, Pendine, Carms

SA33 4PQ

Cllr. Paul Bowring, Glan y Dwr, Woodend, Pendine

SA33 4UG

Cllr. Jeff Thornton, 3 Dukes Meadow, Pendine

SA33 4UH

Cllr. Darrin Thomas, Llanmiloe House

SA33 4

Cllr. Mark Potter, Cliff Walk, Pendine

SA33 4PA

Cllr. Anthony Leefe, 2 Dukes Meadow

SA33 4UH