Your Council

Pendine Community Council is an elected council representing the people of Pendine. It meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.00 pm in the Coffee Shop at the bottom of Pendine Hill.

Pendine Community Council

In 1972 Parish Councils in Wales were replaced with representative elected community councils. Pendine Community Council has seven members with up to two Youth Representatives.

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The community council owns the Beach right through to Amroth, the top Car Park by the beach, the play area by the church (at the top of the hill), the grass areas on the hill and Gordy Woods.  The council provides footway lighting, seats throughout the community and Christmas lights.

Organisations can apply to the council for small grants to organise community events and activities. The council works with the county council and as a statutory consultee, comments on planning applications. The council is not responsible for rights of way, but regularly brings access issues to the notice of Carmarthenshire County Councils Rights of Way Officer.